End of The Rope


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released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


RUIN Cleveland, Ohio

Clevo/Columbus Hardcore


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Track Name: End of The Rope
walking the thin line between life and death
all that separates my sweet mistress and I, this rope around my neck
kiss me sweetly sister, and guide me towards the light
i'll go with a whimper, and not a bang
I deserve this noose around my neck, these chains around my wrist
I know who I am what I've earned and what I've done
I know what I deserve
I earned it
I fucking earned it
this noose around my neck
I deserve it
I deserve to sway, for what I am for what I've done
I know it
I deserve to sway
Track Name: Seven Sorrows
Tear me from this cross, never meant to inherit this kingdom of yours
you might saw my soul is dead, I would argue it never existed
our lady of sorrow, I know I cant win
seven sorrows, this never meant shit
discarded my faith like the cross, discarded my faith like this cross I held in my hand
you'll never reach my head
you'll never control my thoughts, our lady
darkness forever, from my birth to my grave
separate the soul, so I can see
two separate beings, I and I
so when I ask for your help, smack my hand
“now dismiss thy servant o lord”
“deliver me from the hands of our enemy”
“according to thy word in peace”
“that I may prove fruitful in these last days, when our enemies have passed and decayed.”
(quoted from the Song of Simeon and the Rastafarian Groundation prayer respectively)
Track Name: DH/DE
Guiding light is gone, entrapped in this darkened mind
all hope, all feeling, all love erased
my soul purpose to consume, to consume, to waste and destroy
to waste and destroy
devil's hands, devil's eyes, never letting me go, never letting me be free
devil's hands, devil's eyes, never letting me go, never letting me be me
these eyes, always watching, ever waiting, ever waiting for me
I know i'll never be free from this grip on me, keep holding me down
I'll never be free
always watching, ever waiting, waiting for me
devil's hands, devil's eyes, never let me be me
devil's hands, devil's eyes, never let me be free
all hope, all feeling, all love erased.